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I'm going to take on a personal challenge, inspired by Brad Ainge, co-author of the book Positive Discipline Parenting Tools, CEO of Empowering People, and son of Dr. Jane Nelsen, author, and co-founder of Positive Discipline Association.

At our recent Positive Discipline Annual Conference, Brad shared some of his experiences as a single dad.  One of the challenges he took on was to focus on using one particular Positive Discipline Tool Card each week and then blog about his experience.

I was thinking, our kids are grown so I don't have as many opportunities to use the tools with them, but because Positive Discipline tools are for "HUMANING," not just parenting and teaching, I have ample opportunity to practice them in my daily life with my husband, my kids when we're together, my parents, my friends, anyone I interact with when I actually leave the house...and on myself.

I wrote in a Facebook post a few days ago that I think we all have a responsibility to notice what's not going right in our world and make an effort to improve it. (It's also important to notice what's going RIGHT but that wasn't the subject of the post.) I hope that my posts will be helpful to anyone who reads them and that you will find ways to put them to use in your life, so in this way, I hope to make a positive impact on my world.

I think that if we all used Positive Discipline tools, we would function more effectively, we would maintain dignity and respect for each other even as we disagree (which would help us find common ground and solutions more often), we would find more ways to connect with each other as human beings, and I truly believe we would be happier. Nobody's happy all the time, of course, and that's not really my goal. My goal is to share these tools, notice how opportunities to use them show up in my life, and invite you to respond. Perhaps you might share how you used the tool and what you noticed in yourself or the other person's response (good, bad, or neutral).  Perhaps you might share your thoughts on my explanation or use of the tool.

Anything is fine, as long as it's respectful. There are 52 Tool Cards, one for each week of the year, and they can be ordered in hard copy ($15) from www.positivediscipline.com or as an app on your phone ($3). Just go to your App store and search Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards. There's a set for teachers, too. Each card has an explanation of the tool and a description of how to use it.I'm going to commit to doing this every Sunday as I start the new week, and I'm going to take them in order as they show up in my phone app.

So...the first one will be posted soon and we'll see how good I am at the weekly follow through! 

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