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Raising a Successful Teen: 3 Week Online Series

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03.11.2021 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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In this 3 - week online series, parents will learn strategies for raising teens and tweens who are responsible, respectful, and resilient! Come with challenges—leave with great tools for your parenting tool belt!

Week 1: Tuesday, April 27th: Adolescent Brain Development

In this workshop, parents will learn about the important changes that are going on in kids’ brains throughout the teen years. They’ll also discover how those changes impact teens’ ability to manage emotions and make good decisions in social situations. Parents will learn how to turn parenting challenges into teachable moments that result in more responsible, respectful, resilient teens.

Week 2: Tuesday, May 4th: Less Yelling, More Talking!

Parents, are you tired of nagging your teen to follow through with chores, homework, and other responsibilities? Learn strategies for teaching your child to follow through, managing disrespect and backtalk, and--most important--building a positive relationship with your teen.

Week 3: Tuesday, May 11th: Eliminating Power Struggles

Teens like to push the boundaries and sometimes, parents push back. What if there were an alternative to that power struggle? In this fun and interactive class, parents will learn bridge-building strategies that result in greater connection with their kids.

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